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Brochure Printing Example - Front and Back Cover

Brandt Monterey Brochure Front and Back Cover

Lloyd pulled this brochure from Brandt Monterey off the press on Friday. He stopped by my desk with the piece, and for a few minutes he raved about the brochure’s high quality. He told me that this is an excellent example of a brochure done right, and that the designer really knew what he was doing. It’s not easy to get a press manager like Lloyd saying that about a brochure, having seen countless numbers of them pass through his presses over the last 30 years.


He pointed out how crisp and super clear the photos were, and the vibrancy of the image’s colors. Lloyd also commented that the brochure was elegant in its cleanliness and how well it handled a complex product with just the right mix of text, data, and images. Too often pressmen see brochures that are cluttered and lose their message due to sloppy design.

This particular piece happened to be created using Adobe InDesign. You can see here how the designer expertly used text boxes to convey important technical information without increasing clutter.

Another way to present data on an InDesign brochure is through the use of tables. To create a table:

• Select the Text tool

• Create a text frame to the size and position of where you want the table

• Click on Insert Table (first click within the text frame to make sure it’s active, otherwise you can not select “Insert Table”)

• Make your table dimension selections and click OK

The table will be created to the width of the text frame.

Tables can be exported from Excel, but that’s another discussion.

Since this piece is so well done, we’ll spend the next couple of posts highlighting some of its excellent design elements. In our next post, we’ll talk a little about the outstanding images in this half fold brochure.

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