Recycling print material with coatings

Can you recycle printed material if it’s been coated with an aqueous coating? The simple answer is: absolutely!¬†Aqueous coating is a water based product and very environmentally friendly.

What if my printed brochure or other commercially printed piece has a UV coating? Seven years ago, paper with UV coating could not be recycled. But today, the manufacturing process for UV coating has changed as well as the process for recycling paper. The company we use to recycle our paper welcomes all UV coated scrap with no restrictions at all. Our scrap paper gets recycled and is made into newsprint that actually gets printed on, right here in town, by our local news paper. How’s that for the circle of life?

You should have no difficulty recycling both aqueous coated and UV coated paper. To be sure, check with your local recycling company.

If you have any questions about green printing practices, environmentally friendly ink, or certified post consumer paper products, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-922-0699.

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Working in the printing industry since 1978, Lloyd Miller has run numerous printing presses from small duplicators to giant Goss web presses. Lloyd's career led him to work in the world headquarters of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in the sheet fed production department; in the digital department at MSX Int'l; and, after training at Xerox World Headquarters in TX, Lloyd became the first operator and trainer for Xerox's new Xicon engine. Lloyd spent 3years printing high end lithographs for various artists throughout the U.S. We're very fortunate to have someone as talented, knowledgeable, and experienced as Lloyd. He is currently our press manager.
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