Avoid the most common brochure printing mistake

A pressman just handed me a sheet, hot off the press and at first glance I thought it was a sample of a beautiful brochure. That thought was short lived. The brochure turned out to be another victim of the dreaded ……………. “Double Word.”

At least once a day I see a beautiful brochure that has great content, beautiful design, and crisp pictures. And then, right there under the picture of the CEO, it says, “The ground ground breaking ceremony.” Yep, even as I type this out, spell check is putting a red squiggly line under the second “ground.” It’s hard to believe no one catches this, but it happens all too often. Rerunning the job could get expensive or even compromise your deadline.

If you want to make sure this never happens to you, here is an old school trick that has stood the test of time. Instead of handing a copy to a second set of eyes or having someone else read your copy off your screen, ask them to read it backwards. Our brains are so smart, they compensate for much of our mundane tasks and easily miss that extra word.

But asking your brain to read backwards is like driving the wrong way on a one way street. You are not going to be sipping on your coffee, laid back in your seat while driving against traffic – your brain will be alert. Likewise, when reading backwards you will catch every double word and misspelled words as well. It’s the easiest task with the highest reward. Try it next time and see see what you catch.

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About Lloyd

Working in the printing industry since 1978, Lloyd Miller has run numerous printing presses from small duplicators to giant Goss web presses. Lloyd's career led him to work in the world headquarters of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in the sheet fed production department; in the digital department at MSX Int'l; and, after training at Xerox World Headquarters in TX, Lloyd became the first operator and trainer for Xerox's new Xicon engine. Lloyd spent 3years printing high end lithographs for various artists throughout the U.S. We're very fortunate to have someone as talented, knowledgeable, and experienced as Lloyd. He is currently our press manager.
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