Mettallic Ink vs. just CMYK on Brochures

You say you want gold, silver or bronze.

You’re not talking the Olympics, or investing in precious metals, you just want to spruce up your brochure. I see many printed pieces with a metallic ink on them move through the press room and all the pressmen are asking the same question; why?  Using process C,M,Y,K will get you the look you want and save you money.

I remember in my younger years on a press when I printed tons of brochures for Marsh Gauges. Their gauges came in many different options, from high polished, shiny chrome to ultra shiny brass and gold. I was so proud of those pieces; I showed my samples to anyone that would care to look. I still remember the puzzled look on their faces when I explained that the piece was printed with cyan, magenta, yellow and black. They all wanted to know, “what about the silver, bronze or gold.” It was an “ah-hah” moment for them. Next time you are at Home Depot or Lowes, look at the brochures in the faucet section. They are shiny, chrome and gold, and they are printed with CMYK!

In almost every case, you can produce gold, silver and bronze with CMYK. I have seen some pieces where a talented graphic designer has worked a metallic ink into a job and it looks wonderful. I view it as art, and those designers are artists.

If you are printing on an uncoated sheet, paying for a metallic ink seems silly. Unless you are printing an invitation or a wedding announcement, save your money and print your gold, silver or bronze with CMYK.

If you have any questions regarding colors and your next brochure project, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts by calling 1-888-922-0699 or request a brochure printing sample kit and see some examples.

About Lloyd

Working in the printing industry since 1978, Lloyd Miller has run numerous printing presses from small duplicators to giant Goss web presses. Lloyd's career led him to work in the world headquarters of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers in the sheet fed production department; in the digital department at MSX Int'l; and, after training at Xerox World Headquarters in TX, Lloyd became the first operator and trainer for Xerox's new Xicon engine. Lloyd spent 3years printing high end lithographs for various artists throughout the U.S. We're very fortunate to have someone as talented, knowledgeable, and experienced as Lloyd. He is currently our press manager.
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