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Brochure Samples and Printed Design Examples

Customer brochure designs showing different size, format and folding options.

8.5 x 11 Flat, 11 x 17 Half Fold or 11 x 25.5 Tri Fold Brochure Front Panels

brochure sample brochure example printed brochure sample printed brochure example brochure

8.5 x 11 Tri-fold  or  8.5 x 14  4 Panel Fronts

folded tri-fold brochure tri-folded brochure tri-fold brochure idea folded brochure

8.5 x 14  Tri-fold Fronts

tri-fold brochure tri-folded brochure sample tri-fold brochure example

8.5 x 14  3 Panel Brochure

3 panel brochure folded 3 panel brochure 3 panel brochure sample

8.5 x 14  4 Panel Brochure

4 panel brochure folded 4 panel brochure 4 panel brochure sample

8.5 x 14  Open Gate Fold Brochure

open gate fold brochure gate fold brochure front gate folded brochure

11.25.5  4 Panel Brochure Example - Double Parallel Fold Self Mailer

self amiling brochure 4 panel self mailer

11.25.5  3 Panel Brochure Examples - Tri then Half Fold Self Mailers

brochure mailer brochure self mailer