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Making Mailing Services Work for You

Mailing your brochures are a proven way to reach your customers, often times it can be quite confusing. We are here to help you weed through the mystery that is mailing service. And the best news is that it can actually save you time and money to get help from the experts with your brochure mailing project.
From securing a targeted list for your brochure to personalizing your greetings with variable data, mailing services go beyond just addresses and delivering your pieces to the post office. We can do the majority of the work on your mailing, leaving you to focus on the market, messaging and timing of your direct mail brochure campaign.
 CostSpeedQuantityDesign Restrictions
First Class MailMost expensiveDelivered in 1 to 3 days nationwideAny quantityNo specific restrictions but a bar code will be added if not included.
First Class Pre-SortedDiscount off First ClassDelivered in 1 to 3 days nationwide500 piece minimumRequires open space for the address and bar code for sorting machine use.
Standard Mail (aka Bulk Mail)Discount off First Class PresortedMost delivered in 2-9 days, some take longer.200 piece minimumRequires open space for the printing of the address and bar code so that it can be read by a sorting machine.
EDDMLowest price option1-2 days from arrival at local post office200 piece min. 5000 max. / dayRequires a simplified address, a special postage indicia, and bundling and labeling
For help with laying out your brochure to comply with postal regulations, see our Mail Layout Guides or call 888-922-0699 now for a free consultation.

Trying to reach to new customers?

Rent a Mailing List - Our team of mailing experts can tailor a list to suit your needs. You can rent a list of names and addresses that directly targets your customers or potential customers. The rental can be for one, two or unlimited use for a year.

Have an older mailing list that might not be as current?

List Processing and CASS Certification - This service is free of charge and cleans up the duplicate addresses and finds any potentially undeliverable addresses in your brochure mailing list. We save you money by making sure that you are sending pieces out to viable addresses. Find out more in our related article (link to article?) about address quality and why a clean mailing list is the foundation of a successful mailing.