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Since 1996 we've been creating visually striking, high-impact brochure marketing. We focus on exceptional quality printing at a reasonable price and we place our emphasis on developing employees, not policies. Every customer advocate is a triple-threat, combining the knowledge of extensive printing, marketing, and technical training. They follow your order from the first call or click through production to ensure it's 100% right and on time, every time.
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We provide unrivaled quality and value made possible by our high capacity, world-class facilities, Q&A procedures, and total customer satisfaction guarantee.
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We focus on fanatically helpful service. Every order is reviewed by a dedicated team. They look at files, colors, text, and order specs, saving you considerable time and effort.
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We offer everything from basic black and white printing to custom options like metallic inks, die cutting, foil stamping, and more. Add extra impact with one of our many custom finishes.
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We combine all of the services needed to place, print, and ship your order under one roof. And we offer online job management tools so you can update, change, and place orders from anywhere.

8.5 x 11 Brochures
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6 paper options
5 fold options
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8.5 x 14 Brochures
4 panel brochure
6 paper options
7 fold options
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11 x 17 Brochures
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11 x 25.5 Brochures
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5.5 x 8.5 Catalogs
Multi-page brochure
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8.5 x 11 Catalogs
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"Another gorgeous brochure printing job, delivered and mailed on time. You all are insanely great!!! It's a joy to do business with you."
Rick Rosen
Body Therapy Institute

Brochure Design Tips

Get the best looking brochure printing results with design tips to help you create a brochure that will draw attention to your business. When standing out is critical, high quality professional printing of your brochure is a must. Check out our full color brochure design tips for some helpful ideas for making great looking brochures that work for their intended purpose.

Sizes and Specs provides you with high quality printing of the most popular standard brochure sizes. You can price and order your brochure on our ordering pages, as well as request a price on almost any custom brochure format or option required. Multiple paper and folding options allow you to order the format you need. Fast turnaround and shipping options allow you to get your order as fast as you need it.


"The brochures look AWESOME but I wouldn't have expected anything less from you! We couldn't be more pleased."
Susan Goes
Cottage Theatre, Grove, OR
Printing papers range from thin text weight stocks to thick cover stocks, and which brochure paper you select is an important factor in how your brochure and your business is perceived by the people who handle it. Should you use 80# gloss text or 100# dull/matte cover? Do you need it coated to go through the mail? Use our brochure printing papers selection chart to get started with your print project or request some high quality printing and paper samples to see and feel them first hand.

Brochure Samples

"Many thanks!! The brochures arrived yesterday and they look fab! You all rock!"
Tara Framer
Tarrytown, NY
We've put together a wide assortment of printed brochure samples from real customer orders in the various sizes, formats and folds to give you some examples and ideas for your brochure design and marketing strategy. See samples of the various size brochures and how they can be used for self mailers, flat sheets or various folded formats.

Brochure Templates

"The brochures are PERFECT!
Thank you!"
Megan Curren Schmidt
Wainscott, NY
Brochures can be printed flat or have multiple folding options. Using a template will help you create a professional-looking brochure design and the brochure templates we provide are easy to use, saving you time and frustration. Check out our hassle-free templates in all the common sizes and formats to see the different options for laying out your brochure with the correct panel sizes in your favorite graphic arts program.

Marketing with Brochures

"Thanks! I received both orders and they were great. You guys do a great job in terms of punctuality, customer service, and quality!"
Anca Novacovici
A brochure is a great way to reach your customers and can have many uses and features. Researching ways to use your brochure for the most impact is an important first step in brochure design. And don't forget the importance of the cover design. Check out our brochure marketing tips for ways to mix marketing and design into your brochure printing project to achieve the sales success you're looking for.

Mailing Services

Mail your brochures directly to your potential customers quickly and easily. Learn more about our brochure mailing services and find out how you can save yourself time and money on your next direct mail marketing effort. Learn about the differences between First Class and Bulk Mail. Find new customers with custom mailing lists that target the specific location or demographic for your business to achieve the most sales.